It was when I was high school, I have heard what Routine is. As a high school football player, each members in our team had made different routines for making our football performance great but I totally forgot what I had then.The point is didn’t make my routine as a voluntary basis, so like I was forced to do it by the coaches. This is so nonsense.

Like 8 years passed, there are many routines I have now.

  • Home Morning
    Read 2 local newspapers at 6:30
    Eat breakfast : Always, Rice, Natto(beans), Koji-duke(pickles), Miso-soup.
  • Office Morning
    Clean the entrance(玄関掃除)
    Shito shrine cleaning(神棚掃除)
    Newspaper check(I will write more details about what Newspaper check is later)
  • Office Evening
    Report and share who visited the office
    Dialy report
    Toilet cleaning

Came up these things in 4 months but I will create more, like reading, writing and those “input” “output” time, also walking. It’s just started, the important point is to “keep doing” more than the time like 10 years which is huge moment.


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