Even if you are indifferent to politics, you can not be irrelevant

It’s been almost 1 month after the biggest election of the Member of the House of Councilors in Japan ended in Reiwa era. During the period, I think I could do the best for letting people around me go to vote, like my awesome colleagues. However, never felt something changed in society. What I wanted to change was people’s mindset and their actions for Politics and the societies in Japan.

The voting rate of the election was 48.80% which is the second lowest rate of the Member of the House of Councilors in the history in Japan.

I think people try to change this rate more getting increasing, but the point is we have to get closer politicians and people in this nation. That is the purpose, we both need to change if you wanna change something in this nation, I think.

I always have a question of what “I” can do for this issue. My answer was to change the people around me first, like my colleagues. I have a belief “A person who cannot change the person in front of you cannot change the world”. Fortunately, most of my colleagues are around 20 years who are said they are not going to vote usually. So I thought I was supposed to try to let them go vote as sending a reminder to them.

Why? My team is existing to change the world. That’s it. For me, it doesn’t make sense someone in the team who wants to change the world abandoning the right to vote.

I got many comments from my colleagues, “I went to vote with the families”, “I went to vote with the families during walking the dog”, “Because of your reminder and pressure”. Glad, glad to hear that kinda voices they went to vote since my reminders and pressures that made my life. That is one of the reasons I have my life.

Also, this was my first time to go vote with someone. I went to vote with Sho one of my colleagues he had just turned 18 years old., so it was his first time to go vote in his life. Couldn’t imagine I would encounter this kind of memorial moment here Tokyo.

The guy went to vote for the first time in his life

Some people around me seemed they didn’t go vote, actually. It is thankful for me, I don’t stop doing this campaign for enlightenment the rest of my life. Thanks my friends who will change society with me.

Big change is from piling up by small changes, I believe it.



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