Have I become a Finn, finally?

I think not yet, but thank you my friend Pasi. It was 6.10.2019 at Jyväskylä, Finland.

Visited to Jyväskylä to meet Pasi who my old friend we were the student at J.F.Oberlin University in 2016 spring together and he is currently working at trustmary one of the video prodcution company. And I have visited with one of my team Sho Tokuoka at Slush Tokyo who has been to Europe countries for the first time to this memorial moment.

I met Pasi after almost 3 years when I was in Kuopio. He organised everything like our stay in his place in Jyväskylä.We had a lunch together at Jyväskylä, and Sho and I went to the adventure park in Jyväskylä, we expexted to have just fun but it was super hard working time for us… but the adventure park was awesome to work out with big forest and mosquitoes.

Adventure Park in Jyväskylä

After that we wemt to Petäjävesi Old Church with Pasi’s friend pekka where I tried to go when I was in Kuopio with Pasi, so I have finally visited there even Pasi haven’t been there before. The architecture was bulided in 1763~65 by woods and registered the world heritage in 1994.

Petäjävesi Old Church

I was suprised Pasi is from the island in Jyväskylä. We visited his parents house where Mayu our frined in Japan before as well. His mum and dog called Ellu are awesome they made warm us like as one of the family even we are from weird country Japan as stranger. Living at island where just passed after the bridge makes me remember Notojima where is near my home town and I have worked as internship and Takahashi san election support.

Ellu and me
Pekka, Pasi, Ellu, me, Sho

The captain petri has a boat called Repe, the coolest one I ever met before since there is a sauna inside a boat. This crazy thing I totally didn’t expect before I came to Finland. Like a thing I just can see the movie or Youtube. We moved to Naukula one of the islands in Jyväskylä and we had a BBQ with beautiful sunset.

What a this crazy thing is Sauna in boat makes me feel I finally have become a Finn even I experienced sauna, swim in frozen lake, play with reindeers and so on. This crazy thing was awesome. The captain Petri’s grandfather made it and he took over it.Having sauna in the boat and swim in the lake naked with beer. Wow, how can I imagine this happening when I was little? This is like I only watched on TV in my life. However, it happened me, wow. Pasi, Pekka and Petri, you guys are awesome I’ve never met in my life. You guys made my part of new life in 2019.The purpose of this trip to Finland was to join Slush global gathering but it made my trip in 2019 which is the year mt graduation and started working as full-time job.

Arigatou, Pasi, Pakka, Perri, Elina, Pasi’s family.

See you in next time!



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